Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Blogging For Dummies

The Learning Curve

What I've learned about writing for a blog is to not stick to a general formula. Every post you make is going to be different, so it's ok if one is shorter than another, designed a different way, and written a different way. Looking at the same format while scrolling through a blog can get boring. Switch it up. Put videos, tweets, pictures, anything to spice up the post you're making. Make things stand out, put bold headlines

The Journey of Blogging

At first my blog was as generic as it gets. A basic template took over my blog for the first couple of weeks. But as I started to settle in, my blog started to take form. I put a nice picture as the background and my blog posts became more detailed and fun. While the look of my blog is not the fanciest (I'm still trying to figure things out) I think it is an appealing look over what I had for the first couple of weeks. My first blog posts had no pictures or videos, but after a couple of weeks I began to add videos and tweets to make my posts for alive.

Can't Live Without You

Blogging and sports are becoming a unit you can't take apart. Blogging has given big sports media industries the ability to hire reporters who can be in the thick of things without having to relocate at all. Almost every single sport and team has a specific blog talking about them. The blogs people have created now are a resume to show future employers and are a big advantage over other job seekers. Blogging in the sports industries can blossom into a long  career of sports writing and give you the chance to cover a team you love.

Changing For the Better

Blogging in this class has affected my writing style dramatically. Writing for sports is a little different than writing about other things in the news world. It still has to be in inverted pyramid, but it's mainly chronological. This class has made me read even more sports articles to get different techniques on writing. I want to make sure I'm up to date on the latest sports lingo and include it in my blog posts. Overall I think I have become a more well-rounded writer capable of writing about various topics.

Lessons Learned

I've learned the importance of originality. Nobody wants to read a blog that is an exact copy of another blog. People want to see different outlooks on situations and see different topics. If you're not original you're not going to make it far in the writing industry. If you're stringing out the same content week by week you can guarantee you're employer will be looking for someone else to take you're place. While that's a stressful thing to take in, it also makes me push harder.

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